09 June, 2008

सरकार राज -review

"power cannot be given...it has to be taken"

with a tagline like that i admit i was a bit doubtful about whether the movie would be up to my expectations, i wondered if the movie was over hyped and would not be able to come up to my expectations.

yes it did and more...it exceeded my expectations. i think after a long time gap we got to see a real movie with everything brought up to perfection. it has the finesse of a legendary movie...and it should go in history like that. RGV gives us a taste of real film making, a movie as it is supposed to be.

the characters are well etched out and make a distinct mark on the movie viewers, the actors play their part to perfection, the dialogues are just to the point, subtle and hard hitting. no wonder some frustrated journos complained the movie has too many of punchlines. they seem to be seeped in cliches for such a long time they refuse to accept good dialogues as such forget appreciation.

the story is tighty edited with no extra shots or frames, the camera angles as usual ad a lot the meaning and mood of the scene being carried out. i specially liked a particular scene in which a shankar goes to rescue a kidnapped person who was as usual kept in a place manned by several gundas. here our protagonist hits an electric pole causing short circuit which sets fire to several trees around, when the fire is doused by water, it creates smoke...and using this as cover they operate. its not just the beauty of the shot but the sheer logic applied that makes you want for more.

from a director's point of view the film is perfect almost flawless. the shots chosen, the cameraword, the screenplay, selection of actors and very importantly....the background score. in indian movies its very rare to find movies whose background score is even noticed. but in this movie the score adds a hell lot of meaning to the scene. i have found better utilization in few movies , mr and mrs iyer for example.

aishwarya is an actress to watch out for, she is absolutely fantastic in her role. subtle, elegant and poised...she holds a strong foothold in the same scene as amitabh, something most actors falter in... but she stays, unshadowed...stays with her head held high.

this a movie that should be taught in media schools when explaining how to make a movie...its not an actor's movie, it owns the stamp of its director, his vision. i wish there were more of these movies...and i wish when i make a movie of my own, it has the level of perfection this movie has.

movies like this inspire several people like us who love cinema, for its larger than life image...the 70 mm magic...so cheers to RGV and Sarkar Raj


  1. जानकारी देने के लिए शुक्रिया।

  2. yet not seen...looking for "AAMIR",whenever get time will see it first.

  3. अभी देखी नहीं है मगर देखने की इच्छा है. शायद जल्द पूरी हो.

  4. मैने भी देखी पर नजरिए का फरक है....।


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