17 June, 2008

the girl that was

"Suggest a name", said the swallow to the dreamy reed on a summer afternoon.

The reed merely swayed. The swallow flapped its wings and circled around, creating ripples.

The reed pointed to a flower

The swallow understood. It picked up the flower and offered it at the altar.

"Suggest a name", said the swallow again, " a name that will lift sadness, a name whose tune will promise hope. A name that will assure the stars to shine brighter".

There is no proper english substitute word that means your name. Perhaps just like there are no substitute human beings.

Assume your full share of responsibility in the world. Achieve the greatness of spirit.

I know you will do it.

Work hard. Pray. Help.
Keep happy.

Best wishes and prayers

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

a page from my autograph diary of graduation final year. the words are of my favorite teacher avhinav mam. these words fill me with hope whenever i feel low. its her faith in me that revives me and propels me to march ahead and carve my destiny.

i miss you avhinav mam and all those college days.


  1. कुछ शिक्षक हमे बहुत मीठी यादें दे जाते है..

  2. God bless you puja....i am still waiting for my cake piece...

  3. कुछ शिक्षक ऐसी ही अमिट छाप छोड़ जाते हैं. सहेज कर रखिये.


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