29 May, 2007

thinking laterally

ya...this should have been the second part of hte story but i just dont feel like writing one today.

i am trying to put my thoughts into bullet points so that i am able to present them in a better fashion...anyway this is going to be a war of wits and i have to keep my answers ready.

what do you do when someone is hell bent on taking your silences as approvals and refuses to take a no for a no....for heavens sake how much more clarity can anyone expect from me...

i speak my mind but you dont care to listen...why are you afraid to give me a chance, a chance to explain things. are you afraid you might agree... your ego might hurt, your superiority challenged, your domination threatned?

i will talk logically i promise that...just let me put the pros and cons of the situation in hand and the direction to be taken now. for once i have a right to throw some light on the facts that are there to stare in your face.

there are two ways to tackle it...
either we take the emotional angle or we take the practical angle

the problem persists because you tend to exploit all angles to your cause...talk to me once

i am only asking for a chance to let me explain myself...the decision you want to take is going to affect me for the rest of my life...you cannot have the last say in it...the decision has to be mine.

after all you...the society...my relatives...its a one day affair for them...its a matter of around 30 years the minimum for me...i cannot just accept your decision


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