24 May, 2007

if only wishes had wings

i just want to draw a cloud
drifting away with the moody winds
adding colour to the pale blue sky

i am not a painter, i know that
the cloud might not look real
it might just be some messy lines
carelessly drawn on paper

art is open to interpretations

some might see their own feelings
anxiety, irritation, restlessness
some might call it my reflection

but will someone think....
that before taking a pencil
and before drawing a cloud
i was thinking of it...thought a lot

and may be instead of drawing a cloud
i am content with writing a couple of lines
about drawing a cloud

will someone think of it?
and more importantly

how important is thier interpretation...
to me?

1 comment:

  1. truely....connectivity makes a lot of difference in life...it changes u a lot .....!!
    beautiful expression.


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