28 May, 2007

clipped wings

let me go...i shout...please let me go...i cant live like this i will die....

the cry reaches deaf ears...i try to wake them up, they stay unmoved, their eyes closed, ignoring my calls completely...i thought they are asleep...

they are NOT...they never were...they were just, well just PRETENDING...and all this for the talks of honesty and telling them the truth.

truth requires two parties...one brave enough to speak it out and the other brave enough to hear it. without either truth cannot survive. i tried a lot to speak out...but i cannot go on mumbling to walls, i need you to sit up and listen.

i need to tell you its impossible to keep me in chains or to put it in a better way "it is impossible to keep me ALIVE in chains"...i will suffocate.

all those who have tasted freedom will resent any dictatorship...but only those who have tasted it...its not my fault if most of the women at my side havent...they dont speak up not because they dont have a voice...but because they have never seen what an environment of open speech is...in other words they have never been asked to speak...never been asked their opinion even on the most trivial matters.

well i can shrug it off saying that is not my problem...but hte problem with me is i cant...just because everyone else is doing something doesnt mean its rigt...i will make them understand they have a right to speak their mind...i want to do that.

and here i am...chained...caged and ready to be shoved into a lifetime of misery and what am i doing about it...simply put just bitching about it...i am sure it gonna take me nowhere.

what do i do? who is going to open the lock...set me free again...how long will i wait...should i wait???questions...again...but its time i take my life in my own hands, even if htey are chained...i have to fight my own war...for hte simple reason there is no one else to fight it out for me.

if a revolution is to come hte spark must come from somewhere...why not me...why cant i stand up and say...look this is not gonaa work and i am not going to suffer like this...i dont want to be a martyer all my life sulking for the life that could have been mine.

i have to fight and fight for myself....its my birthright.

1 comment:

  1. Sky is limit for the bird, who can break the cage and fly at heights. Destiny is one's own hands.


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