02 April, 2008

salute to a faceless stranger

the world of internet is amazing. some years back i would have thought it impossible to be connected to some people through an entirely untrustworthy medium and be emotionally involved with them.

but it has happened, time and again words of strangers have been beacons in darkness, hepling hands on slippery roads and at times a burning whiskey on hte rocks just for the heck of it. there are people who open their hearts out...sometimes their faces are there sometimes not...and it hardly makes a difference, coz we make a portrait in our minds, we give them attributes...we are all the people we read about...in our mind.

i write mostly on a regular basis, and now i have the habit of regularly checking out a couple of other people's blogs...i like hte way they think. and yes i do wait to see what they think of what i write, if at all they do think. i wonder if like me everyone has some spare time at hand to think of other people quuietly tapping away in the silences and loneliness of night.

twice in my life...in this love affair with the internet i have come across people whose writings have struck me as a thunderbolt...once for the sheer realism and identification with it...and secondly for the stark surrealism and inability to understand the next person. for some reason i feel i know these two people inside out, i have seen them, talked to them, laughed with them, danced with them...and felt their touch...once as a handshake, and second time as a fatherly pat on my head. they came and from the very first day they became very important part of my life...just like that.

so this is a tribute to you Ms. NB and Mr. FM...may god keep you happy always

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  1. बिल्कुल पूजा जी ,नेट एक ऐसी खिड़की है जो कहीं भी किसी सरहद मे खुल सकती है ओर जहाँ ख्यालो की ऊँची ऊँची उडाने भरी जाती है ओर उड़ानो के बाद अहसास के कई शजर मिलते है....सो मोहतरमा लिखती रहिये ...अभी ओर दरीचे खुलने बाकी है.


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