11 April, 2008


what would you do if you had just one day to live?

what would you do if knew that the clock was ticking and you might be whisked away even before you had hte time to say your goodbyes

and how do you day goodbye

and to whom

how does it feel to know there are no people whom you wave your hand and day that you are leaving...forever

absolute loneliness...maybe nearness to death brings that on all of us. may be everyone feels hte same when he thinks he is going to die.

i would want to read harry potter...all the volumes again. i guess all these years life hasnt taught me anything, but sincerely i dont want to bury my head in something i havent touched all my life...i mean something spiritual...i would not even want to pray for that matter.

life becomes so busy...it feels so frightening that you wont be missed by anybody. the world is complete without you, and your absence wont make a dent anywhere...leave a gaping hole.

and then i think...all these people who have read my blog some 600 types, and of the few who keep coming back to it, will they know that suddenly hte posts stopped coming because i am no more, will someone paste an obituary here???

i dont know, coz i havent told a living soul how important this place is for me.


i guess i wont be dying after all...a small operation is a small operation and i have these bouts of pessimism at times that makes all feel bleak and black.


  1. come on puja ,dont be so depressive..i dont know what bothers you but ..remember..when god gives you a plce as a human being...there is some signifacance in it.....
    so cherres....


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