21 April, 2010

another rainy day

i see the rain
snaking on the glass panel
water droplets racing each other
crossing, zigzaging all the way

i hear them striking the glass
in rhythm, the different notes
of a symphony, orchestrated
high in heavens, beyond the clouds

the sun takes a peek
rays sweep the rain washed terrain
tree tops look confused
unsure of the weather

evening starts to descend
guided by lightening
the clouds croon in their baritone
goodbye to the day. sun sets.


  1. rain snaking on the glass panel..

    you won't believe puja i was thinking the same when u wrote its raining on your gtalk status..

    amazing thoughts..

    and the sun takes a peek is awesome!!

  2. i guess i was also thinking about a poem, when it was raining so heavily today :)

    anyway excellent poem :)

  3. An expression with full flow, clarity and without an extra word. Simply Good.

  4. Nice read...



  5. Wonderful poem ! you do have a way with words. You have played up a beautiful picturisation of the rain.

  6. waah... bahut hi badhiya likha hai, pyaar ki sahi samiksha

  7. पढ़ने में अच्छी लगी..पर हिंदी की कविताओं को पढ़ने की आदत है....सो कविता की तरह नहीं पढ़ पाया..एक रचना की तरह....जाने क्यों ..अपनी तुच्छ बुद्धि को अंग्रेजी कविता का ज्यादा ज्ञान कभी नहीं हो पाया.....कोशिश जारी है..कभी गा पाए तो शायद समझ में आए..


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