08 April, 2008


it's a bleak day
as i stare in the infinite
i find, i have lost myself

to begin the journey
to redicover myself
i need my companion

endless sojourns
miles and miles of barren land

charred trunks, parched earth
barren landscape tells the story
of devastation

of hte calamity that struck
when life lay unguarded

the entire cosmos conspired
and God overheard
he remained impassive, unreactive

hte power of will was newly born
it's tiny limbs were weak

the small hands didn't have the strength
to turn away the calamity
the frail whimper couldn't turn away
the approaching steps of death

she lied a mute spectator
mere witness to the catastrophe

i see the fragments
of a shattered world
i try to gather the shards
of a lost melody
A tune long forgotten
resonates in my head
and creates chaos

the gods observe and still lay passive
they have loads of other work on their hands
and they seem to be pretty bad at multitasking

but i question
how could you allow this to happen
it was thier duty..thats why they are there

and if at all
why did thy prolong the pain
this should have ended in a moment

a lifetime of pain is not enough
you make dying an equally tiresome process

a lonely soul on its last journey
fumbled over so many speed breakers
shattered and battered
humping and pumping, continued
her relentless search

the search for the ultimate truth continues
but now i dont have the push to move
no inclination to continue
all seems a mirage

12th nov, 07


  1. No words are sufficient to appreciate these thoughts. I wish I could do so. Trust me, even a maverick is speechless. I have read the random thoughts for umpteen times. I can only empathize with you.


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