15 June, 2010

dusk - the ethereal curtain fall

the sky is a simple halo...dark clouds around the setting sun, a whispering goodbye to all things beautiful and natural...like the rays of light...like sunshine.

i tend to float...push lightly from the tip of my toe and waft in the outgoing breeze from my 8th floor cubicle. i think of freedom. of souls that stay forever in infinity...of ghosts trapped between life and death...of a shadow quietly leaning on the shoulder of my memories.

sadness takes a brush, dips it in the overflowing oceans and paints a tear near the corner of my eye...i touch it to find it has moistened my heart and choked my breath. my fingers are stuck in the bottle of the yellow i wanted to paint the canvas with...words are getting lost...again.

an ink bottle has rolled all the way down to the corner of the sky, it wants a monochromatic rainbow. i listen to a montage from wong kar wai's film. minimise the video on my desktop and dream of the character in the film that says "if memory has an expiry date, let it be 10,000 years".

instrumental music lets you paint, just you need to be moving with the notes. and keep the piano moving. i think its a good accompaniment to memories...very un-disturbing...very smooth. i can't believe i still sketch those eyes...light brown ones...honey colour as they say...with a black pencil...and i see those colours. 

love touches you for a moment, and changes you forever...tinting you sunsets to a shade of honey.

my soul misses its companion. 


  1. A great flow of thoughts, connecting uncharted dots, reaching a destination, unknown, undecided. Poetic.

  2. gush!....gush!....gush!... leharein become a river right here! ...:-)

  3. Its looking like your office & cubical is in between the nature.. You lucky chap!! :)

  4. अंग्रेजी पढने और समझने वाले कम लोग हैं,

    हेंस प्रूव्ड.


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