09 July, 2007

over the top

i always feel good when i come to PSR...
actually i feel on top of the world...you cant blame me for it actually...in the lush green forest of JNU, this hillock stands tall...you can actually see the horizon...on all sides.

at PSR there will always be some drift of air...some wind to blow away all sadness, there exists and unknown source of power there. or perhaps the quietness of the place makes the hidden power inside me manifest itself. energy flows in from the rocks that are there to witness several sunsets and moonrises...it gives that energy to the people who visit there. that energy comes from love...it witnesses several love stories, some go on...some perish...yet the ones who are lucky enough to have felt love at PSR...me being one of them, always cherish this spot.

like the warm embrace of an old friend, PSR always welcomes me, however sad or heartbroken i go there i come back smiling...in fact i never want to come back.

relationships end but the fragrance remains...after years to come...in all those places love lives...long after you have given it a quiet burial in your heart.

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