27 October, 2007

how much is too much?

when can you say"i have had enough" now no more i cant take any of this any more.

how long will you submit to the torture and mental agony, to being forced to do something your soul revolts into doing.

how long can you bear the erosion of all happiness? where is hte breaking point? if i have survived till now does that mean i will survive till hte end...

and when and where is the end

and what is the end

is it the survival of the fittest

"selfish", the word corrodes like acid, burns away the insides of my soul, gnaws at my eyes and leaves me in a bloody mess

i am selfish because i chose my life over you, selfish because i asserted my right to be happy, selfish because my thoughts countered yours and i chose to belive in myself

why di you give birth to me and bring me up when i dont have the right to live

why did you love me only to be sacrificed at the altar of age old customs

why did you educate me if you never intended me to reason with you, i should have been one of hte many ignorant girls for whom one day is no different from other

why did you give me wings when you cant allow me to fly

even i am hurt because this puts me in a tough situation.

please get over it and please let me live...the guilt trips are killing me...i wish you would understand that.

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