25 September, 2007

things i want to do before i die

well, i am a healthy female, all of 24 years and medically speaking there is no chance of me dying a natural death somewhere in near future. still i want to write this for the benefit of those who will love me even after my death...silly me. mera mannna hai ki main mar ke upar to nahin jaaungi( i mean swarg)aur dharti par hi aatma ban ke bhatakti rahungi.
to this article is for those who would like to meet my ghost in case i die in an accident...and for me to start ticking so that i dont become a bhoot(if all your desires are fulfilled you attend nirvana)

here comes the list... :-D
i want to see venice, athens and pondicherry
i want to visit darjeeling again (not single this time)

i want to see kunal bowling one of his fast spells and see if he scores over the charm of seeing shoaib bowl

i want to learn salsa and playing guitar

i want to see gone with the wind in a theater(now thats really impossible!!!!)

i want to go on an all india bike trip..or at least some 1000 kms on a bike

meet the students in my school in deoghar and counsel them about alternate carreer options

play piano in the hall i dream of...with marble pillars in white and glass walls

have a book published

make a film

o my god...i am sure i will always be a bhoot...my desires are too many.

please god let me live a lifetime....i have so much to do

PS.:this article is writen with a strictly humorous angle and is not to be confused with my suicide babbles and should neither be treated like my suicide note.

1 comment:

  1. have a book published--> yes it is published, and it is with me too :) :)


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