24 August, 2007

mera jnu

i need time to write this one...lets say this is hte first cut, for there are times when i delay writing something thinking it should be given a lot of thinking i end up writing nothing at all.

i went to jnu yesterday...hail bunking ! kabhi school college se nahin ki isliye office se karni padi :-D kya karein, bada man kar raha tha.

and as i was walking these roads i felt that jnu belongs to me in as much as i belong to it. the winding roads, hte greenery, hte bunhces of bouganviliea, hte sounds of birds twittering and peacok's calls make evokes a nostalgia that is as dear to me as if it were me...something that is actually me.

and as i was showing you around, the inherent pride in my voice when i asked you"batao kya tuhara iit bombay mere jnu se jyada sundar hai?"made it more of a statement. knowing very well that things like these cannot be compared, its not just physical beauty but more of hte memories attached to it that make a the roads of your college the most beautiful place inthe whole goddamn world.

i was happy to show a most important part of my life to you...and i was amazed how much you were at ease. it was a nice getaway...stolen moments...again :-D

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